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Anyone who has travelled in Greece will know that the Greeks and especially those living in Crete are wonderfully generous, with their food, their time and their hospitality. In fact for a Greek, one if the greatest trajedies is to be alone or to have no food to eat. At Big Fat Greek Gyros you will experience that warm hospitality and generosity from Emmanuel, in his big servings and with the time and attention he gives to each individual customer. Oh! and if you thought the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding was funny, you will surely appreciate Emmanuel's humour too. He has many jokes and just loves to laugh and enjoy himself with his friends.

If you want to check out Greek philosophy, click on this link

"Just found this place. Fantastic!! Im a chef who appreciates a authentic gyro from a real Greek immigrant. This guys super friendly and makes you feel at home which always adds to the experience. "   Cory T Austin Tx


My philosophy is to enjoy life and that means to enjoy food too. We do not beleive in fast food, because that is an oxymoron, food cannot be fast, it can only be good or bad and if it is good, then it must be savored and eaten with friends. I would like to introduce you to Greek food but also to Greek philosophy, Greek Culture and everything else Greek. So you can check out these sites for more information. Or come to visit me at Big Fat Greek Gyros. 

My Philosophy



If you want to check out other things about Greece and our culture , here are some great links:

"Aphrodite must sigh and Dionysus shed tears of joy when eating these gyros.

Seriously, I thought I'd never find a good one in Austin, but I have now... fresh, crunchy veggies, creamy, garlicky tzatziki, and juicy beef/lamb... I liked the extra touch with the pita, dusted with real greek oregano and paprika and lightly toasted.

I heard the veggie moussaka is to die for too.. "  Ian G, Austin

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