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My Customers

I don't have customers, only friends and here are some of them you can meet to hear what they have to say about Big Fat Greek Gryos. The first review appeared in the Austin Post, April 26th 2012, quoted as "Trailer of the week". We also got a fantastic review in the Austinot February 14th 2013.           Click on this link to read it: 
And here is another posting from thrillist. Click to read more:​
"Helmed by a wisecracking recent Greek immigrant, this
Greek- and American-flag-adorned trailer serves spinach/feta
spanakopita, eponymous pita-wrapped shaved meats like the
Hercules (lamb/beef), and delicacies like the lasagna-esque
beef/ feta/ potato/ eggplant/ zucchini moussaka, which is
served "Cretan style"...................
















Hey! now we know why all the tourists come to see us, because
we have a great review in 365 things to do in Austin.
Check it out, click the link below:  
We also have great reviews on Yelp. Here's a few below or you
can click on the link below to read all 92 reviews!:

SARAH D, Houston TX    10/6/2014

The gyros here are absolutely amazing.  My friend ordered her late-night eats from here and let me sample several bites (and by "sample" and "several bites", I mean "polish off half of it"...sharing is caring) and it was absolutely delicious.  It's even better than drunk-delicious, it was good enough to eat dead sober after a long hard day.  The meat was perfectly spiced, the veggies were super fresh, and the sauce - well, as others have said, the sauce is outta this world

 LINDSAY S, Bouldin Creek, Austin, TX    8/31/2014


This isn't uchiko, or anything like it. But 5 stars. One of the top gyros I've had. Perfect tatziki sauce so tangy, the meat was thick cut and flavorful I will be back. I could eat another now. Yummmmmmm flavors on point exactly what I hoped I'd be eating when I saw the trailer!


Curtis V.  Austin, TX   7/12/2014


Dripping tzatziki sauce on my pants in the back of a cab

while eating a big fat Hercules gyro is the way I end a

night on Rainey St.


Josh W. Chicago, IL   7/5/2014


Got the gyros plate, which is a combo of lamb, beef,

chicken, pita, hummus, tzatziki sauce, dolmas, and Greek

salad. The lamb was amazing, but the real standout was

the chicken; some of the best Greek or non-Greek chicken

I've ever had. Top-notch service as well.

Edit:The baklava is also outstanding!





"It's easy to tell when you're approaching Big Fat Greek Gyros, because the sound of Greek music fills the air and the smell of perfectly seasoned meats roasting will draw you in like a moth to a flame. Stop in and place an order. If you do, yours senses of sight and taste will be rewarded as you sample one of the best Austin Food trucks around...... "

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