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A Delicious Taste of Greece.

Big Fat Greek Gyros

a delicious taste of Greece

Big Fat Greek Gyros

a taste of Greece

My Food

​I serve gyros, spanakopita, Greek salad and baklava daily and several times a week I prepare homemade dishes of moussaka, Greek meatballs and zuccini balls. Every morning I buy the freshest, finest ingredients so you can savour the authentic taste of Greek food here in Austin. You can review the menu by clicking the link.

My Philosophy

Did you know the Greeks invented philosophy? They invented everything else of any importance including Big Fat Greek Gyros. Since 5000 BC the Greeks have wrapped warm bread around succulent slices of lamb, dressed with fresh vegetables and yogurt sauce. The Greek philosophy is to enjoy life and that means good food here in Austin.

Big Fat Greek Gyros At Your Next Party

My Customers

Actually I don't have any customers, only friends and they come on a regular basis, so I treat them each in a special way, "No cucumber, ? OK". They also say such nice things about their experience at Big Fat Greek Gyros. See what they have written by clicking the link and add your own comments too about the best Greek food in Austin

Why not share Big Fat Greek Gyros with all your friends. You can have your next party in Austin catered with Greek appetizers, gyros, moussaka, meatballs, Greek salad and baklava for dessert. You pay for the food but the Greek dancing and fun is free.Opa!. 



You can find us on Rainey Street.See Map below


75 Rainey Street


​   ​


"I had the vegetarian Aphrodite gyro today at lunch.  It had huge chunks of feta.  I've never had pieces of feta that came remotely close to being that big.  He used delicious sauces and spices that gave me a nice aftertaste.
The owner is a cheerful guy with a great sense of humor.
I'll definitely be back very often!"     Tracey S, Austin

"This is my first time liking gyros!!!  The Greek sauce is amazing! I love it! Tzatziki was the bomb!  Love it and definitely going back soon!!!  Its so good!"    Christopher R, Austin



Check Out Episode 2 of the Great American Cooking Story - Rainey Street and Big Fat Greek Gyros:
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